The story behind the sound.

It begins…

Total Damage Records is a Record Label dedicated to giving a platform to the next generation of Artists a platform to be independent, great support and work with the first big label. own 100% rights to music and for the fans and listeners a unique and diverse taste of all genre music If you like what you hear, support the producers and show your feedback by liking or disliking so I know what to upload next! We also provide a service for artists to distribute music through our music platform.

Hi, The person running this channel, and social media platforms is by Matt Sowards

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“Can I use the music in my video?”
Yes, just credit our record label and the artists with a way to stream the song.

“How do i join? or submit my track?”
We have a public submissions page to upload your tracks .wav and metadata info from your track.
also you can just dm links on social media!

“How Can I Release my music with you”
Find our track submission form either by scrolling down the page or on our contact page with details regarding your track, a file to hear it and we’ll review it and give you a release plan.

“Do you make the music?”
Some tracks, but usually I only feature music I like

All backgrounds I use in the videos are paid / licensed or royalty free.

Total Damage Records – 2019.

Sales made
  • DJ Fixx

  • OnDaMiKe

  • Getcha

  • WoTeR

  • Pronto

  • Album
  • Album
  • Album

Critically acclaimed.

We work with big label partners, many sponsors and are direct with iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, & YouTube Music.

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